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Trykkregulator Filter King, forgasser, 67mm m/glasskolbe



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Trykkregulator Filter King, forgasser, 67mm m/glasskolbe

These fuel pressure regulators have been part of a competition fuel system, and a common sight on motorsport vehicles over the past 25 years.
The FILTER KING is a popular unit, regularly seen in the motorsport field because of its ability to regulate and filter fuel without restriction, it is available in two different sizes and in a choice of either a Transparent or Alloy Bowl to suit the customer’s requirements.


Height: 120mm

Width: 100mm

Weight: 370 gms

Filter Micron: 10

Unions: 8/6mm

Pressure Range:  1-7 psi

Bensinfilter med trykkregulator bensintryksregulator “regulator med glass” regulator glass


Vekt 1 kg


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