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Elf gearolje, HTX 735+ 75W-90 LSD, (S2000), 1 liter

Elf gearolje, HTX 735+ 75W-90 LSD, (S2000), 1 liter



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Elf gearolje, HTX 735+ 75W-90 LSD, (S2000), 1 liter

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ELF HTX 735+ is a multigrade lubricant for transmissions coupled to 4-stroke engines and, in some special cases, to 2-stroke engines.
100% Synthetic new generation product suitable for sequential and conventional gearboxes, transfer cases and differentials with or without limited slip.
Optimized formulation to reduce power loss due to friction.
Extreme pressure additive reinforced and adapted to competition constraints (sudden load variations, stresses under left foot braking, high temperatures…).
Reworked friction modifiers to minimize wear, optimize the work of the LS discs and reduce gear shifting time.
Improved de-aeration properties to ensure a uniform oil film and constant pressure for the hydraulic controls.

ELF HTX 735+ is perfectly adapted for events of the type :
o Endurance
o Circuit
o Rally…

The ELF HTX 735+ covers the applications that require the ELF HTX 735 with more performance ; or HTX 725 but with a slightly lesser focus on efficiency.

Choice of viscosity to be checked with your equipment manufacturer / transmission specialist.


Vekt 1,5 kg
Dimensjoner 25 × 12 × 8 cm



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